Why Buy With Mark?

Experience / Attitude / Negotiation

Born and raised in San Diego, Mark knows the “Ins & Outs” of the San Diego Real Estate Market as well as the trending areas. Understanding that each client’s needs are unique to their own personal lifestyle, Mark is able to personally fine tune each search to fit his clients.

“Getting to know each of my clients personally allows me to better understand their wants and needs. The more I know my clients, the better I am at finding that perfect property for them.”

San Diego is an extremely diverse county that can fit any buyer’s needs, and having a knowledgeable Realtor who knows the market areas, school districts, and way to maintain and build equity, is the most important part of home buying.

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Tips for Buyers

What to look for.

When searching for homes online, it is easy to be misled, and find yourself wasting a weekend previewing homes that don’t look the same as they did online. Here are a couple of tips on how to really look at homes online.

  • Try to piece the interior together through the pictures. This will help you better orientate yourself through the home. And understand the layout better.
  • Pay attention to the Fixtures. Unless it’s a vintage style home, an old lamp or bathroom vanity can tell you the rest of the condition of the house. If the seller is not willing to update a common fixture, then
    how likely are they to maintain the AC of Furnace?
  • Look for Big Ticket Items such as the Roof, Drainage, Landscaping, Siding, Windows, and depending on the upgrades the property may need, pay attention to whether or not the property has a raised foundation. A Solid Slab property is always more expensive to remodel when updating plumbing and electrical.

What to avoid.

Remember that you are viewing an advertisement, and the seller is wanting you to pay attention to
certain items, and not pay attention to others.

  • If a property doesn’t have a picture from the street, then you can pretty much guarantee that the curb appeal is severely lacking, or there is an item they don’t want you to see.
  • 90% of the time, photography will not show you how close a neighbor is or what city easements are located on a property such as electrical poles or boxes.